About - Alden Skeie

Alden Skeie has professionally shot real estate, event, wedding, travel, sports, concerts, and was even a portrait photographer for Dorain Studios. In addition to that, he was also the lead photographer for Bishs RV. He hired, trained, managed, and mentored photographers throughout Idaho on real estate and vehicle photography principles and how they apply to recreational vehicle photography all while shooting properties on the side. Now he is a full time freelance real estate photographer, and is constantly building on his knowledge and understanding of the photographing and post processing of both businesses and homes. 

Alden was brought to Idaho from a 6 year active duty Air Force assignment, honorably left the service as a SSgt, and has remained here ever since. He lives with his wife Kelley, and their dog and cat. They enjoy camping, water sports, bicycling around the Boise Greenbelt, and a BBQ any day!

Feel free to contact him for any comments, questions, or booking inquiries. Thank you and have a great day.

Alden Skeie

Email: ishotthisphoto@gmail.com

Cell: (509) 590-7746

Certified Tour Factory Photographer

Dispatch Photo Network City Representative

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