Image Use - Alden Skeie

I was recently contacted and asked whether or not a business could use an image of downtown Boise. Normally this isn't a big deal to me at all, if i wanted to make money in stock photography I would have an account and regularly update it in one of the big databases. Once I told them to go ahead and use it they went on to say how this image is fairly popular in Boise. The following photo is the one in question...

What they said was interesting. I don't regularly reverse-image search my photos, but the fact this business was the only ones to ask me permission tells me a lot about standard business practices these days. At least give me a little font size 8 credit in the corner. Or link this website.

The fact that I'm the only one that will probably be reading this says a lot about how often these images get their proper accreditation.

On a more positive note- go ahead and check out how people were able to use my image in their websites. I know there are a lot of options out there, but I'm proud that this one made the cut for so many people!

Keep in mind this was just the first 2 pages of about 10 that came up on a google reverse-image search.


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