Top 3 Photography Podcasts

When I go out on a shoot and there isn't much going on around me I will listen to a podcasts. This really helps me get into the zone and generally ends up helping me produce better images. I do this with music too, but podcasts seem to be even more effective. Furthermore, many podcasts, especially photography based one can really give you good information, and over time give one a better general knowledge of it. Due to the fact that this is a photography-based blog, I will give you my top 3 photography podcasts. I have listened to a lot more then these, however these are the ones I really get the best information from and get really excited when I see a new episode come up in my feed.


This is a show with two photographers, one based in Canada, and the other in Germany. I have listened to this one the least of the three, however that is because I just found out about them a month ago. They interview photographers and ask simple and generally non-technical questions on a variety of topics revolving around the guest. They also challenge each other each week with a photo challenge. The following week they then critique each others photos and declare a winner (this is sometimes a 3-way contest with the guest). So far these guys have been very entertaining to listen to, and I have learned a lot of new tricks, especially with the different challenges they do that they clearly explain out to the listener.



The Candid Frame is a podcast purely based on interviewing other people in the photography industry. The host does VERY good at asking the perfect questions for the interviewee. These questions often end up with long and very interesting conversations that give light on verious tricks of the trade. I have learned a lot about how many famous photographers were able to rise up from nothing to become one of the greats. This is the primary reason why I enjoy this podcast.

Tips from the Top Floor - The Weekly Show About All Things Photography


Tips from the Top Floor is currently my favorite photography podcast for a couple reasons. This show has one German host. Along with the podcast, he does what any other photographer would dream of doing, travels the world on photography excursions teaching and making pictures with groups of followers/pupils. He does an occasional interview, however primarily it is of him explaining different concepts and struggles that photographers run into. He also answers many questions that photographers worldwide send in. These answers have really given me a lot to add to my photography knowledge base. Many photography podcasts get sidetracked with things primarily irrelevant to photography that is more just relevant to their lives. It is easy for them to talk about sure, but really loses me as a listener. Chris (the host) is opposite of that, and will jump into any topic that is needed to be covered for his listeners.

Other podcasts I enjoy that are unaffiliated from photography that produce interesting content include The Joe Rogan Experience , The Tim Ferriss Show, and The Moth. The first two being based around an interviewing show, and The Moth based on interesting short stories from shows around the world.

Thanks for reading, and as always; send me a message if you agree/disagree with my selection or have a podcast suggestion for me!

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