I took these images last weekend from Skatefort. This was a sub-fort in Treefort, a 500 band city-wide festival in Idaho. These turned out really good, and I had a great time.

I used ambient lighting with a shutter speed ranging from 1/300 to 1/500 depending on the clouds to freeze all motion better then a speedlight would limit me at. I also kept the ISO at 400 just to give me the best flexibility on the aperture and speed, I really was going for sharp images. Finally the aperture was closed down a little bit to f/8. I could have gone as wide as 2.8 with the Tokina lens I was primarily using, but at f/8 even if i was a little bit off on the focus, it would forgive me. I also used this f-stop to capture all the other expressions and things going on. If you look at the fourth image in (the midair bail) you can see how that came into play.

I think what made most of these photos good or even great was the expressions made by other people watching the main subject. You can especially see this in the first two images. The expression was too much in the final image, and I had to make it the main subject.

Next time I do this I might use an off-camera flash and try to brighten the subject while keeping the background stopped down a level or two. The only difficulties I foresee in doing this is that with a fullframe camera I would be limited to a 1/200 shutter speed, or a 1/250 shutter speed with the 60D crop-sensor.

Skatefort Images

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