Vuja De in photography

Vuja De is something underused and under-appreciated with photographers. Vuja De can be described as when something or somewhere that should be familiar is suddenly very different. It is the opposite of Deja Vu. Where Deja Vu is where you see or experience something foreign to you and felt a familiarity or sorts to it, Vuja De flips this around. It is when you you see or experience something you are familiar with and feel a foreign and new perspective on it.

How this relates with photography is the ability of a photographer to take a picture of something that might be cliche/boring/familiar to a lot people, and give it a different/unique/new perspective that makes the viewer see the subject in a new light. This can be done with lighting, composition, perspective, focus, or many other ways. If you look at a lot of award winning photographs you will see the majority of them have these Vuja De characteristics.

The difficult thing about achieving these kind of photos is that it requires an artistic finesse and understanding of the subject above what others might perceive at first look. I believe it is like a muscle however, and the more one looks at subjects with a Vuja De perspective, the easier it becomes to discover potential award-winning photos.

As a photographer I try to impliment the Vuja De principal in my photos as much as I can, but it can be difficult in some cases. For instance, with real estate photography I shoot quite a few homes and get used to the standard shots that real estate agents and home buyers know and expect. This can lead to a little bit of complacency and make it hard for me to think outside of the box. The same goes for photography in locations where I have been to a lot. Its hard to look at a location like that with my creative eye at 100%. On the flip side whenever I travel to a foreign location, it is a lot easier get those unique perspectives inherent in Vuja De photography. The same goes for the rare times I have been able to shoot sports or concerts. Its all a somewhat new experience for me, so I'm able to get shots that others might not have seen.

Here are a few photos I thought exhibit Vuja De principles that I have shot. Let me know what you think, and if you can spot why I chose these photos.


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